Who is the best wildlife photographer in North-East?

The target is out to look for the best wildlife in North East. The Northumberland, Durham and Tees Valley Wildlife Trusts have collaborated with Natural History Society of Northumbria for North East Wildlife Photography Contest next year. They have also declared 2 really exciting categories.

Judges, that also include environment editor for Sunday Sun’s sister newspaper The Journal Tony Henderson, stated that the contest was a unique scope to gather together the best of what the place has proposed in pictures.

Tony has been a eader for the contest for several years. He told that the North East is a magnificent place for wildlife snaps, with its diversity of habitats and wide open spaces. They range from the uplands and moorlands of Northumberland and the North Pennines, the coast and the Farne Islands, to wetlands, forests and woodlands, and the Cheviot and Simonside hills. He added that several ex industrial places have also been greened or they are now nature reserves. Still, there are also opportunities in parks, allotments as well as back gardens.

There were over one thousand entries in the contest previous year, including Wedding photographers, and he stated that the judges were highly impressed with the submissions’ quality. The region’s landscapes are very rich, but there are no shortages of talented photographers in the region. It is about that special shot, and it is less about dedicated photographers with high-end equipments who would stay for hours for a shot.


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