Temple marriage ceremony

Katrina Anderson was really thrilled when her best buddy from the Brigham Young University wanted her to be bridesmaid. After that she purchased a green colored top and multicolored skirt selected by the bride herself. She also got a airplane ticket to Ohio. Later she took her to her place. All these did not appear strange at all.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has got a whole lot of attention in the past few years for their opposition to same sex marriage. Still the church has a less publicized divisive wedding policy – anticipating its members in the United States and some other countries to get married in wedding ceremonies which exclude all who is not an active Mormon adult — and punishing pairs who have different civil wedding ceremonies by making the couple wait almost a year for a temple wedding. While the temple marriage is an important Mormon custom, excluding friends and family members from the big celebration does not need to be.

A temple marriage is an ordinance started by Joseph Smith in the church’s early days. As per Joseph Smith, whatever is sealed or bound in a special event like this on Earth will be sealed or bound in heaven. Today, the point of a temple marriage is to establish a concordat for a wedding which survives death. It I thought absolutely important to salvation.

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