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Apr 15

Marco Rubio to attend gay wedding

Well, the Republican Party is slowly dealing with the whole idea of gay marriage — quite slowly. On Wednesday, Presidential candidate and Sen. Marco Rubio, told in an interview that he would come to a gay marriage of someone he was very close to — while conditioning that he would not really condone the union itself.

Rubio told that if there someone in his life that he care for, he would not going to hurt them just because he disagree with a choice they have made or because he disagree with a decision they have made, or whatever it might be.

Rubio equated his attendance at a gay marriage to attending a 2nd marriage for a Catholic person because the church banishes divorce and rewedding unless the first wedding is annulled. The questions were asked by Ramos were great ones because it gets at an increasingly dificult issue for the Republicans. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Wedding show to help you to plan your marriage

Those who are all set to walk down the aisle sometime soon must go to The Perfect Wedding Show, which is taking place in Mississauga later this month. The popular and long-running wedding show that is presented by Mississauga News and The Brampton Guardian, will take place on 8th February, at Mississauga Convention Centre from 10 am to 5 pm.

Over seventy vendors will be at the event to push their services and businesses which would appeal to brides-to-be as well as their grooms. Well, for example, there would be photographers, dressmakers, make-up artists, wedding planners, travel agencies as well as a series of other sellers at the show to serve make the wedding day a perfect one for the couples. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Stars attends Singapore wedding party

After their wedding in Los Angeles, United States, earlier in November, newly married couple Vanness Wu and his wife Arissa recently arranged another wedding reception in Singapore. According to reports, their 4th January star studded Singapore ceremony was really huge compared to their low key wedding ceremony in Los Angeles. Their Singapore ceremony was attended by whole lot friends from both sides.

Stars who attended the wedding party include their buddies Phillip Ng, Andy On, Jaycee Chan as well as Jerry Yan, who later told that he intentionally did not reply to Wu’s messages or even send him RSVP to surprise. It appeared that the effort was worth it as Wu was just more than happy to see him at this wedding. Continue reading →

Dec 13

Speedboat driver accused in pre wedding accident

A grand jury charged the driver of a boat which crashed. It killed a bride-to-be as well as her lover’s best man. The incident took place on Hudson River in New York after testing revealed that the driver had taken almost nearly two times the legal alcohol limit, said officials on Thursday.

Jojo John, the driver, had a blood alcohol degree of 0.15 percent when he hit the boat that was carrying 6 people from a marriage party. The boat in a barge near Tappan Zee Bridge on the Hudson River stated the Rockland County District Attorney’s office.

The bridge, which is a huge transportation link across the Hudson River, is around forty kilometer north of central Manhattan. In an press release, Thomas Zugibe, the Rockland County District Attorney said: “Drinking and driving is a lethal mix, as it appears to have been in this incident, which left several families shattered,”

John’s attorney was not immediately available for any comment. John now faces a maximum fifteen years sentence in the state prison on the top counts of the indictment; said the release.  The indictment has 6 counts of vehicular manslaughter, 2 counts of criminally negligent homicide as well as 2 counts of running a vessel under drug and alcohol influence, with 8 others.

The accident killed Lindsey Stewart, the bride to be and Mark Lennon, the best man. John was wounded in the crash. Brian Bond’ Stewart’s fiancé, was also injured.

Oct 13

Temple marriage ceremony

Katrina Anderson was really thrilled when her best buddy from the Brigham Young University wanted her to be bridesmaid. After that she purchased a green colored top and multicolored skirt selected by the bride herself. She also got a airplane ticket to Ohio. Later she took her to her place. All these did not appear strange at all.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has got a whole lot of attention in the past few years for their opposition to same sex marriage. Still the church has a less publicized divisive wedding policy – anticipating its members in the United States and some other countries to get married in wedding ceremonies which exclude all who is not an active Mormon adult — and punishing pairs who have different civil wedding ceremonies by making the couple wait almost a year for a temple wedding. While the temple marriage is an important Mormon custom, excluding friends and family members from the big celebration does not need to be.

A temple marriage is an ordinance started by Joseph Smith in the church’s early days. As per Joseph Smith, whatever is sealed or bound in a special event like this on Earth will be sealed or bound in heaven. Today, the point of a temple marriage is to establish a concordat for a wedding which survives death. It I thought absolutely important to salvation.

Jun 13

Washinton florist files a countersuit

The Washington lady who earlier sued by the attorney general of the state after she refused to create floral arrangements for a gay wedding ceremony has now registered a counter suit which argues that her decision is constitutionally protected.

The attorneys of Alliance Defending Freedom filed the countersuit in Benton County Superior Court on Thursday on behalf of Barronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland in Washington. Her attorneys told that the state cannot force her to decorate for the gay weddings as is she does that, she would have to go against all her religious beliefs.

In a statement, Dale Schowengerdt, an ADF Senior Legal Counsel told that everyone knows that plenty of florists are ready to assist in gay wedding ceremonies, so the state has no reason to force Barronelle Stutzman to violate her religious beliefs. In  the United states, the government is supposed to protect freedom, not use its intolerance for some viewpoints to intimidate citizens into act something that is contrary to their faith convictions. As per constitution, family business owners are guaranteed the freedom to work and live as per their beliefs. It is this freedom that gives United States its cherished diversity as well as protects citizens from state mandated conformity.

ADF attorneys told that forcing the flower shop owner to go against her beliefs and it would also violate both the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Washington State Constitution, that protects “freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment” and also says “no one shall be molested or disturbed in person or property on account of religion.”

Apr 13

Groom surprises bride with wedding ceremony

Mary Cathrin McCarthy was very lucky just to be donning her wedding attire previous Saturday when Brandon Cassata, her lover, surprised her with the marriage of her dreams, which is nearly 7 months before the actual marriage date they had earlier fixed.

While speaking to a leading website. twenty seven year old McCarthy told that she just could not handle it as she was still in shock almost a week following her surprise marriage. It was just the most perfect and beautiful day ever. She met Brandon 2 years ago when they were the maid of honor and the best man at one of their mutual friend’s wedding.

Brandon proposed her in July 2012 and the pair decide that they would tie the knot on 2014 and Mary also found her dream marriage attire. And there wedding planning stopped there. Mary was recovering from a job change and a major surgery. Both of them also served Brandon’s grandmother through cancer treatment.

Brandon told that he has seen her stressed out before, and he doe not like seeing her like as he explained why he asked Mary’s parents and brother about a surprise wedding and they all kind of agreed.

The last few weeks were really tough as she was in between jobs and had the weekends off, so he had to sneak around to get his tux and get everything done properly. They not just planned the wedding, but they also invited seventy guests for the big day.

Mar 13

Marriage season starts

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but when it comes to wedding industry, they say that love has 3 seasons. The holidays of winter right up to the Valentine’s Day are the popular days in which that special someone bows to his knee for marriage.

Mariage planner site’s Kellee Khalil tells that they start the wedding planning season on 15th February as the day women begin thinking about how she would actually create this dream wedding. Her marriage search engine allows brides find inspiration on the site and as well as filter the results by theme, color and been time of the year.

A bride to be named Brynne Ward told tells that being able to look on the website and see these pictures as well as ideas and  descriptions that other people have, and it has been very helpful. Pamela Vito of Northern Virginia has been serving brides like Brynne Ward for around 30 years.

Now websites such as, and Pinterest  are taking the work out of selecting the perfect attire. Vito says that this is overwhelming. Therefore, these snaps serve them to concentrate in on what the bride is looking for.

The average pair spends around 18 months and around $ 28000 planning a marriage ceremony. June to October is generally considered as a wedding season. Marriage experts tell this year classic and elegant weddings will be very popular, for example old Hollywood style decor, an alteration from the outdoor, rustic barnyard themes of 2012.

Feb 13

Oregon same sex wedding cake controversy

The bakery called Sweet Cakes by Melissa has been in a mess after a daughter and a mother ordered a cake 3 weeks ago. Aaron Klein, the owner of the bakery told that his first question was the wedding date, and his 2nd question was the groom and bride’s name. Then the girl giggled a bit and told that it is two brides.

Knowing that After Klein said that his bakery does not make cakes for same sex couples. After that the women filed a complaint with Oregon state. Aaron believes that he is saved by his right to religious exemption. He told that he believes that weddding is a religious institution ordained by God. The book of Genesis speaks about that for this reason. A man must leave his mother and father and stick to his wife. This is the beginning of marriage to him.

Opponents to Referendum seventy four that legalized same sex wedding in Washington state previous year year, predicted this will happen here too. Preserve Marriage Washington’s Joseph Backholm told that business owners must have the right to run their business in a way that is consistent with who they are.

According to Washington state Human Rights Commission, the office that would field the charge, any business working for the public that refuses service to a person who is gay, might face a fine.

Aaron told that he has served same sex customers earlier with no issues. But he is against making cakes for same sex marriages.