Speedboat driver accused in pre wedding accident

A grand jury charged the driver of a boat which crashed. It killed a bride-to-be as well as her lover’s best man. The incident took place on Hudson River in New York after testing revealed that the driver had taken almost nearly two times the legal alcohol limit, said officials on Thursday.

Jojo John, the driver, had a blood alcohol degree of 0.15 percent when he hit the boat that was carrying 6 people from a marriage party. The boat in a barge near Tappan Zee Bridge on the Hudson River stated the Rockland County District Attorney’s office.

The bridge, which is a huge transportation link across the Hudson River, is around forty kilometer north of central Manhattan. In an press release, Thomas Zugibe, the Rockland County District Attorney said: “Drinking and driving is a lethal mix, as it appears to have been in this incident, which left several families shattered,”

John’s attorney was not immediately available for any comment. John now faces a maximum fifteen years sentence in the state prison on the top counts of the indictment; said the release.  The indictment has 6 counts of vehicular manslaughter, 2 counts of criminally negligent homicide as well as 2 counts of running a vessel under drug and alcohol influence, with 8 others.

The accident killed Lindsey Stewart, the bride to be and Mark Lennon, the best man. John was wounded in the crash. Brian Bond’ Stewart’s fiancé, was also injured.


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