Marco Rubio to attend gay wedding

Well, the Republican Party is slowly dealing with the whole idea of gay marriage — quite slowly. On Wednesday, Presidential candidate and Sen. Marco Rubio, told in an interview that he would come to a gay marriage of someone he was very close to — while conditioning that he would not really condone the union itself.

Rubio told that if there someone in his life that he care for, he would not going to hurt them just because he disagree with a choice they have made or because he disagree with a decision they have made, or whatever it might be.

Rubio equated his attendance at a gay marriage to attending a 2nd marriage for a Catholic person because the church banishes divorce and rewedding unless the first wedding is annulled. The questions were asked by Ramos were great ones because it gets at an increasingly dificult issue for the Republicans.

While some big-name GOP elected people have backed gay wedding and a developing chunk of Republican voters now favor this (around 4 in 10), this is still a very tricky issue within the party. The social right-wing movement is losing this battle, surely, but it still holds lots of weight in the Republican primaries — and mainly in early presidential contests in places like South Carolina and Iowa. Republican elected officials who have not really endorsed gay wedding have moved toward more of nuanced position on this issue.

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