3D Clothes Making – Marvelous Designer 2 (www.MarvelousDesigner.com)

Dress Layout Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. Really this software is great. Stareon Group is now using it.

  2. my clothes just drop on the floor everytime, and why my after finish my pattern, the clothes show at the front first not like yours at the back first?

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  4. yes, you can inport to 3ds, run meshsmooth will be very nice, if you wan detriagle use zbrush

  5. can export clothes to 3ds max?

  6. how bout plushies and teddybears?

  7. Clawdeenwolf1330

    What’s a key?

  8. A-mazING! Love.. <3

  9. i sooo want this – only 12 ‘.’

  10. TheXboxGamesBrasil

    CARACA MUITO 10! desbanco os complicados blender e 3ds max! 10!

  11. This software looks amazing. There are so many walkthroughs of this software though with no sound. What you are showing looks like it might be really useful but I have no idea what you are doing or why. Could you record some sound and add it to this walk through to make it into a tutorial?

  12. looks so complicated! but still so amazing *-*
    i want to learn how to use this program *-*

  13. would you be able to change body shape? body sizing or even pregnant mannequin?

  14. dis app is 4 3?

  15. nice!

  16. Can I change the size fo the model?

  17. TheRealJadeJuvenile

    is there anything that’s just like this but free? thumbs up so this can be seen

  18. where can i get it free pls

  19. can i make armors?

  20. hola soy la maxima creadora de Virtual Fashio 1.0 😀 dUdas?

  21. meaganelizabeth87

    Can it be used in MMD for models?

  22. Is this software compatible with MAC?

  23. I cant seem to access the clo 3d site…anyone else having problems ?

  24. can someone who has no talent on drawing do this?

  25. what the program called??